About the Product

Leafy Greens is an encompassing term that applies to a variety of plants, including lettuce, microgreens, herbs, and specialty leafy vegetables. Leafy greens prefer cooler temperatures, making them a fall and winter crop. However, natural solar radiation is not optimal during these seasons resulting in longer production times. In addition to longer production, plants may become elongated and anthocyanins levels reduced. Without adequate light, growth related issues can become compounded.

Key Features

Horti-Reina is the ideal LED interlighting system to maximize the yield of crop in growing cycle or to anticipate the cultivation cycle. By placing the LEDs on the canopy of plants directs and focuses growth-stimulating light on the most important part of the crop

Optimal Spectrum

Optimal Spectrum

This enhanced full spectrum produces the fastest flowering for plant species grown under artificial lighting. The spectrum most closely mimics the sun and can meet the needs of both high and low DLI crops. The bioptical gain of far-red light on photosynthetic rate is beneficial to promote plant growth and increase plant yield
Optional Spectrum

Optional Spectrum

The spectrum is suitable throughout the plant growth cycle and offers the highest photon yield efficacy of the available spectra. It is recommended for applications with a tight energy budget where visual plant assessment is not a priority

Technical Specification


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