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Since its inception in 2013, Lumesmart has been at the forefront of LED lighting innovation. Committed to providing high-quality lighting solutions. Lumesmart has supported numerous commercial applications, helping businesses leverage incentives from Save on Energy programs. Today, Lumesmart continues to lead the industry with advanced LED technology and a team of professional engineers, bringing unparalleled expertise to horticulture projects. Their cutting-edge LED lighting solutions are designed to ensure optimal efficiency and growth, setting new standards in the field.


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Nassim Saneie

Project Sales Specialist

Speech Topic: Revolutionizing Agriculture: The Benefits of LED Lighting Solutions for Greenhouses Indoor Farming, and Vertical Farming.
Nassim Saneie is an Electronic Engineer turned entrepreneur with extensive experience in the electronics and power industries.

Hasti Farrokhi

Marketing Coordinator

Speech Topic: Lumesmart Inc ‘s Research partnership with the Niagara College Business and Commercialization Innovation Center.
Hasti is a 16 year old high school student who helped in the market research for this project. She is an advocate for climate change and a voice for young minds who are concerned with today's environmental issues.


Best Innovative LED Solutions for Your Horticulture Industry

We are providing the Best innovation LED Lighting solutions for Indoor Framing, Greenhouses, Vertical Framing industries Based on our Research partnership with Niagara College Business & Commercialization Innovation Centre

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Meet Shohreh Sabaghpour's INTERVIEW

CEO & Founder at Lumesmat

Women in Agritech: Shohreh Sabaghpour


Women in Agritech: Shohreh Sabaghpour "The LED lighting produced by my company is the result of my commitment to my mission and vision of an energy transition. In a word, the future of agriculture and energy can be described as transformational," says Shohreh Sabaghpour, Founder and CEO at LumeSmart. The Toronto-based company was established in 2013 and manufactures high-efficiency LED lighting for the health and safety, food production, and agricultural sectors.

Women in Energy Transformation Profile: Shohreh Sabaghpour

Pembina Institute

Shohreh brings more than a decade of experience in electrical engineering, business, and import/export to her role as founder and CEO of Lumesmart, which manufactures high efficiency LED lighting for the health and safety, food production and agriculture sectors. She stands out as a first generation Canadian woman in an entrepreneurial role amidst a male-dominated industry, and she embraces this position as a role model

Accelerating cleantech growth

Environment Journal

The EarthDay conference was initiated in 2015 by LumeSmart Inc. Founder and CEO, Shohreh Sabaghpour. LumeSmart is a leading provider of LED Lighting that specializes in advanced, eco-friendly lighting solutions. Sabaghpour built the annual conference with the vision of “Making peace by increasing harmony between human, technology, and nature.”

2022 RHBOT Business Achievement Awards

Richmond Hill Board of Trade

As a global presence in the professional lighting market, we are committed to integrating social, economic and environmental considerations into every aspect of our business activities, work practice and retrofit programs. As a leading provider of LED lighting solutions since 2013, Lumesmart empowers its customers and business partners to grow through smarter, sustainable, and viable lighting solutions.
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Resistant to All Kind of Corrosion from Nutrient Solution and Pesticides Residence to High-Pressure Water Jet Cleaning

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HPS Replacement

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High PPF

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Anti Corrosion

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