About the Product

Leafy Greens is an encompassing term that applies to a variety of plants, including lettuce, microgreens, herbs, and specialty leafy vegetables. Leafy greens prefer cooler temperatures, making them a fall and winter crop. However, natural solar radiation is not optimal during these seasons resulting in longer production times. In addition to longer production, plants may become elongated and anthocyanins levels reduced. Without adequate light, growth related issues can become compounded.

Key Features

Horti-Spec single tube is customized from Horti-Spec 600W, which is designed for vertical farms and plant factory. Horti-Spec single tube delivers the exact nutrients each plant needs with temperature and humidity control to create an optimized climate zone year-round

Optimal Spectrum

Optimal Spectrum

This full spectrum maximizes red and blue lights to allow for chlorophyll A and B absorption with a balance of green wavelengths to allow much deeper canopy penetration. Specifically formulated for indoor grow environments, this spectrum fosters photosynthesis in all stages, from propagation to flowering
Optional Spectrum

Optional Spectrum

A balanced range of wavelengths from UV to FR suitable for all growth stages. It has been tested on and is suitable for most plant species cultivated worldwide. SUNLIKE spectrum works as both sole source or supplemental light

Technical Specification


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