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The floriculture industry encompasses a wide variety of planting styles from bedding, to potted and cut flowers. Lighting needs to vary based on species and production styles, however light remains an integral growth variable in production. Low light conditions result in poor quality plants that show an increase in blindness, stretching and have smaller flowers with thinner stems. If plants are grown at excessively high light levels, leaf orientation will change to avoid the light and the plants may also develop “sunburn”
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Key Features

Cannabis is a light-loving crop. Light levels up to 1000 mmol/m2/s in indoor facilities are fairly common. Cannabis usually grow to over 30 inches, and the leaf density is high, so there is usually insufficient light below the plant.
Interlight is the perfect solution for this problem, which can ensure the demand for light in places with insufficient sunlight below. Horti Reina having both sides LEDs with 120° lighting emit, which can ensure the maximum irradiation area

Optimal Spectrum

Optimal Spectrum

This enhanced full spectrum produces the fastest flowering for plant species grown under artificial lighting. The spectrum most closely mimics the sun and can meet the needs of both high and low DLI crops. The bioptical gain of far-red light on photosynthetic rate is beneficial to promote plant growth and increase plant yield.
Optional Spectrum

Optional Spectrum

The spectrum is suitable throughout the plant growth cycle and offers the highest photon yield efficacy of the available spectra. It is recommended for applications with a tight energy budget where visual plant assessment is not a priority.

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