HL09 – Horti Sky

Key Features Horti-Sky provides periods of reduced intensity, which allows regeneration of the photosynthetic apparatus and ensures better preparation for the efficient use of light of a higher intensity. In this way, energy management within the plant becomes more efficient. Up to 80% higher energy efficiency compared to HPS / MH and up to 50% in comparison to constant LED lighting. Easy to clean with long lifespan IP65 rating make[…]

HL03 – Horti Reina

Key Features Horti-Reina is a greenhouse supplemental intercanopy light, being angled with respect to the horizontal, that 120° light is only accessible at the highest part of the crop because of the density of the leaves of the plant.Intercanopy lighting spreads the light more evenly over the canopy and in the middle part of the crop which increases flower development. Daisy chain design helps save installation time and reduce total[…]

HL16 – Horti Mars

Key Features Horti-Mars commercial LED grow light specializes in all grow stages including propagation, vegetation and flowering. It is an ideal lighting solution for commercial cannabis growing racks. Slim design and foldable 180 degrees, making it small, compact and very easy to install. Large luminous area and uniform PPFD distribution Super fast heat dissipation and cooling, less light decaying makes long efficiency and lifespan Universal control systems compatibility Optimal Spectrum[…]

HL06 – Horti King

Key Features Horti-King is a full-cycle top lighting solution for cannabis plants, the simplicity of installation and use make it an ideal solution for achieving high and uniform lighting levels in greenhouse and indoor sole-source applicaations. Designed with tempered glass cover, resistant to all kinds of corrosion from nutrient solutions and pesticide, and resistant to high-pressure water jet cleaning. Compact design, can minimize shadow effect No additional assembly is required[…]