Why Led?

Climate Change is one of, if not the, biggest threat that humans face today.

As we become increasingly aware of our daily impact on the environment, many of us are taking steps to ensure we do everything possible to protect our natural resources. Taking care of the environment is a responsibility that everyone should feel accountable for. Most of us are already engaged in environmentally friendly processes, such as recycling, that minimize the amount of waste we produce and our carbon footprint.

At the same time, we remain generally unaware, as a society, of the new and upcoming technologies that we can use to help further reduce carbon emissions.

Lumesmart UV High Bay LED

Mobile 4Bay-UV Sterilizer

Lumesmart Dust Free LED

"Be Smart Choose Lumesmart"

Some of Our Clients

3 years ago, I made the decision to replace the lights in my home with LumeSmart LED lighting. Being a real estate professional, I always have my eye on the latest trends and technologies in lighting and other areas concerning residential properties and it was with confidence, that I took this step with LumeSmart. Not only have my wife and I enjoyed better lighting in our home but we also pay less on our monthly electricity bills and no longer should exchange our light bulbs on a bi-monthly basis. My wife and I are very happy with our decision to work with LumeSmart and I often recommend them to my clients, as well.

Mr. Bolourchi

As an electrician working in the green technology and lighting sector, I strongly recommend using LumeSmart products in any commercial or residential units. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of their products. They are highly durable and easy to install into any aesthetic setting. The customers are very satisfied and I never had to deal with any complaint.

Siamak Farzampanah, P.Eng
Master Electrician
President and founder at Infinite Pro Electric

As an owner and operator of a busy franchisee, Second Cup Coffee Co., I highly recommend other business owners to take the positive step of replacing their conventional lights with Lume Smart LEDs. Since doing so ourselves, the establishment has enjoyed better illumination in all areas and a welcomed reduction in lighting and utility costs and time spent on it.

 Amarjit Verma
Second Cup Cafe Owner

I am writing this letter to thank you for the wonderful service I received from you. When I embarked upon switching my house light bulbs to LED I looked around and you spent the time to explain all the options and even provided me with a return on investment calculation. You were always available to answer questions. I really like the feel of the new led bulbs. When I compared the price of your bulbs I have to say you are very competitive. The amazing service is what really won me over. I would recommend your company to anyone looking to switch over to led.

Greg Beros
Councillor for Richmond Hill
Serving Oak Ridges


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