About UV-C LEDs

UVC’s wavelength is germicidal—meaning it is capable of inactivating microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. This quality makes UVC an effective, environmentally-friendly and chemical-free way to eradicate dangerous microorganisms in any environment.

Ultra-Violet (UV) light is invisible to human eyes. It can be subdivided into three categories: UVA, UVB and UVC. UV-A from 320 to 400 nm, UV-B from 280 to 320 nm and UV-C from 200 to 280 nm.
UVC radiation is known to break the DNA of bacteria, viruses and spores. As a result, they are rendered harmless.

Our products have Humanzied Configuaration-Alarm device, Timer and Motion Sensor.

UV Purification HighBay

  • UVC radiation destroys the DNA of the pathogens and stops bacteria replication, eventually causing it to deactivate
  • No ozone or other secondary contaminants 
  • No waste is generated 
  • Keeping Safety by the Humanizing Configuration for the Alarm Device with the Delay Switch and Motion Sensor

Mobile 4Bay-UV Sterilizer

  • Mobility  
  • Operate on any schedule
  • Adjustable equipment
  • Easy to use
Mobile 4Bay-UV Sterilizer

Dust-Free LEDs

With the development of society, people pay more and more attention to food safety. For this purpose, we designed this professional Food Processing Light with industry-authoritative NSF certificate.

  • IP69K + Nano-coating: No water/steam/dust ingress, comprehensive protection
  • NSF/LFGB/CE/ROHS certificates: No toxic chemicals, safety guaranteed
  •  160 Lm/W + Super loop design: Energy saving; Anti-glare, comfortable lighting

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