Why LED?


Climate Change is one of, if not the, biggest threat that humans face today.

As we become increasingly aware of our daily impact on the environment, many of us are taking steps to ensure we do everything possible to protect our natural resources.

Taking care of the environment is a responsibility that everyone should feel accountable for. Most of us are already engaged in environmentally friendly processes, such as recycling, that minimize the amount of waste we produce and our carbon footprint.

At the same time, we remain generally unaware, as a society, of the new and upcoming technologies that we can use to help further reduce carbon emissions.

One of the leading and new technologies that we, at LumeSmart, specialize in is LED (Light Emitting Diode), a premium lighting product that meets the highest North American standards, and well suited to any aesthetic or energy need.

We will also process your application for retrofit programs through the government along with Automation for efficient and secure use of LED lighting.


At LumeSmart, we incorporate the benefits in light automation to all our customers ordering our product. Whether it be the huge energy savings, light scheduling or security that automation offers; smart lighting control is the way forward. It’s as simple as swapping your conventional light switches with our intelligent dimmers and allowing us to program your lights to what you want when you want!

The experts at LumeSmart can go through the different ways that you can use smart lighting at home and in the office, which include: Control from a Smartphone or iPad, Create Scenes, Scheduling, and Energy Savings.

“Be Smart Choose Lumesmart”