Vin Crops LEDs

About Vine Crops LEDs

Vine Crops are some of the most prolific greenhouse produced crops in the world with the top three being tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peppers. Supplemental lighting is crucial for vine crop growers due to the high light needs of their crops.

Horti-Reina LEDs

• Linkable Solution and High Efficiency up to 3 umol/j
• Connect up to 4-20pcs interlighting modules with just one power connection and save the total cost of project
• Durable aluminium lightweight profile with low shading

Horti-Tube pro LEDs

  • Four-side LEDS, 360° emits lighting
    • High efficiency up to 2.7-3.0 umol/J
    • IP65 Waterproof with 5 years warranty
    • Environmental friendly: no mercury or other harmful heavy metal included, no harmful light to the plant
    • Less heat generation
Mobile 4Bay-UV Sterilizer

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