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As a global presence in the professional lighting market, we are committed to integrating social, economic and environmental considerations into every aspect of our business activities, work practice and retrofit programs. We are constantly building upon our extensive education, expertise and practical knowledge of everything LED related in order to bring you the newest and most advanced eco-friendly lighting technology available in the market.

We pride ourselves on the long term commitments we have held with our clients, customers and stakeholders and ensure that they are always informed of the latest developments.

As a leading provider of LED lighting solutions since 2013, Lumesmart empowers its customers and business partners to grow through smarter, sustainable, and viable lighting solutions.

Dust-Free LEDs

With the development of society, people pay more and more attention to food safety. For this purpose, we designed this professional Food Processing Light with industry-authoritative NSF certificate.

  • IP69K + Nano-coating: No water/steam/dust ingress, comprehensive protection
  • NSF/LFGB/CE/ROHS certificates: No toxic chemicals, safety guaranteed
  •  160 Lm/W + Super loop design: Energy saving; Anti-glare, comfortable lighting

Leafy Green LEDs

Leafy Greens is an encompassing term that applies to a variety of plants, including lettuce, microgreens, herbs, and specialty leafy vegetables. Leafy greens prefer cooler temperatures, making them a fall and winter crop. However, natural solar radiation is not optimal during these seasons resulting in longer production times. In addition to longer production, plants may become elongated and anthocyanins levels reduced. Without adequate light, growth related issues can become compounded.

Mobile 4Bay-UV Sterilizer

Vine-Crops LEDs

Vine Crops are some of the most prolific greenhouse produced crops in the world with the top three being tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet peppers. Supplemental lighting is crucial for vine crop growers due to the high light needs of their crops.

Floriculture LEDs

The floriculture industry encompasses a wide variety of planting styles from bedding, to potted and cut flowers. Lighting needs to vary based on species and production styles. However light remains an integral growth variable in production. Low light conditions result in poor quality plants that show an increase in blindness, stretching and have smaller flowers with thinner stems. If plants are grown at excessively high light levels, leaf orientation will change to avoid the light and the plants may also develop “sunburn”.

Mobile 4Bay-UV Sterilizer

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